Creating New Colour Ways

Creating New Colour Ways

The summer is almost at an end and I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the prospect of getting back to a routine by the time September rolls around. This summer I decided to take some pressure off of myself and focus on enjoying the time with my six year old, Gwen. It’s been lovely for both of us. And I really needed it. But now, I’m beginning to feel the itch to get back to work and with a new and refreshed focus.

And this September I’m extra excited because I finally have some new coloured bralettes, undies, and bodysuits that are ready to be launched! You may have seen a few shots floating around on some of my fellow creative collaborators from the photoshoot we did this past May. (Yes, the designs have been finished for that long! Maybe someday I’ll write something about the struggles of balancing a creative business with motherhood!) Here’s a little sneak peak from the shoot:






Black and white photo of 3 women in rosalie wynne lingerieBlack & white back view of rosalie wynne bodysuit

I’m really thrilled with the colours and can't wait to reveal them to you! I naturally gravitate to bold and contrasting colours. (Also shiney, glittery fabrics when I’m shopping. Not sure exactly why as I don’t usually like to wear those. I must be part magpie or something…) But this time I’ve added a few more subtle options including a coral and an almost white blue lace. At first I had the pink with a bright red (I told you I like contrast, right?), but after getting some feedback I realized that a more subdued set might work better for some skin tones, not to mention personalities.

When selecting new colours I am still at the mercy of my local lace suppliers. I had to say no to a few of my favourites as there wasn’t enough and they couldn’t be reordered. But, it’s probably a good thing as otherwise I would overwhelm myself with way to many fabrics and components to keep stocked. One day when I have a bit more help!

Pastel laces with white elastic Lace, jersey, elastic samples 

There is a surprising amount of problem solving with supply and logistics when it comes to designing new lingerie pieces or adding new colour ways. It’s definitely been a huge learning experience for me. (One of the many aspects I consider a part of my cheap and intensive business education.) And then sometimes you get a few pleasant surprises along the way. Like this beautiful marigold embroidered mesh lace that I first found a few years ago and wanted to use for my original collection.

Yellow marigold lace bralette

After I had fallen in love with it, I found out that there were only 5 or so meters of it. Enough to make maybe 10 bralettes. So I used what I had to make a gift for a friend and then sadly put it out of my mind for adding to my online store. Until I stumbled on a huge roll of the exact same lace from a different supplier! Of course, I bought the whole roll right then and there. And now it’s one of the new colours set to be released this September! I try not to have favourites - I do select all the other colours after all - but this one might just be one of those exceptions!

I also have a few other exciting things up my sleeve for this fall that I’m going to be announcing over the next month, including a few local events so stay tuned!

For now I’m soaking up this last week of quality time before school begins and celebrating my baby turning seven! Can’t wait to reveal all the new colours, but in the meantime I’ll be immersed in many versions of pink with accents of sparkles, balloons, and silliness.

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  • Carol Pypker

    I love to read about your thoughts! You make me excited about what you are doing. The girls love their bralettes. I love my set too and am adjusting to straying from underwire and padding. It is so pretty!

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