The Ideal Bralette Fit

The Ideal Bralette Fit
This is by far the thing I get emailed, messaged, and asked about most and I get why there are so many questions around it. It’s a technical calculation with so many variables and matters so much to get this right for you to have something that you actually want to wear! So, keep the questions coming as I’m more than happy to walk you through finding your perfect fit. I thought I’d also go into a little more detail about bra fit than I have in my fit guide. To start, I think there are two main reasons why we have so many questions about bra fit.

First, there are so many different ways to measure and to calculate your size, but I won’t go into all of them because I don’t want to make your head spin! Suffice it to say there are at least 3 ways to measure and 5 ways to calculate your bra size. With so many different ways to calculate and a drawer full of various bra sizes, it's no wonder we're confused! Likely many of your different sized bras fit you well and that makes it hard to know which size you’ll need when buying a different brand!

The second reason is that most mainstream bra brands don’t offer a wide enough selection of sizes to begin with. We're often told that a bra fits because the sales person knows they don’t carry a size that will fit properly. I’ve had this happen so many times (especially as an insecure teenager, yikes)! We end up with a bra that we believe to be our size because the cups fit. But it's actually way off and not giving us the support we need or it makes us feel like we can’t breath!
(If you want to learn more about what makes up a specific bra size I’d recommend reading this article found on The Lingerie Addict’s website. It’s explained so simply and is a pretty quick read.)

It's been my goal to make this process as simple as possible while still giving you an exceptional fit. To start I use measurements that directly relate to where your bralette will be on your body. Your underbust measurement is where your band sits. Your cup size is the difference between your underbust and bust measurements. This relates directly to a specific cup volume. Here's a video on how to take your measurements:


I’ve created a calculator to do all this math and rounding for you. Again, trying to keep it simple for you, and it's still very accurate as you can even enter your measurements down to the decimal. The calculator rounds in the correct direction without you having to do any guessing.

Of course, our chests are more unique than only two measurements can capture, but I’ve found that so long as the band is supportive and the cups cover your breasts, the bralette adapts and celebrates a wide variety of shapes.

In the end this is how a bralette should fit when you’re wearing it.

When you first try on your bralette, the band should fit snugly on the loosest hook. As your elastic stretches out, you’ll be able to keep the band fitting snugly by going to a tighter hook.

What does a snug-fitting band look and feel like? It should stay level from the front to the back. If the back is riding up, it means you need a smaller band. At the same time a bralette shouldn’t fit too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers underneath your band.

Woman in black braletteWoman sitting wearing black bralette Provocateur Images

 Your cups should contain you without covering everything. What this looks like depends on your shape and your needs. If you have a larger cup size the lace may wrap around your back and almost touch your back straps. You'll also have a good overlap of lace in the front to keep everything from spilling out! If you have a smaller cup size the lace might just kiss in the front and might not even need to go under your arms at all. In the end you should be able to move freely and comfortably without any second thought on what your bralette is or isn’t doing for you!

Because in the end, these bralettes are built to move in, as something to serve you as you go about your day, and not the other way around.

Have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask.


I love helping with this and answering all your questions!



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