Rosalie Wynne is about meeting every moment with grace, and looking for beauty in the everyday. For us, part of that means wearing something next to your skin that feels great, looks gorgeous, and ultimately celebrates your beautifully unique body!

Intimate Origins

Rosalie Loney has been interested in fashion and clothing design since childhood. In high school and university she pursued this passion through costume design. After moving back from Vancouver to Ontario to start a family and settle in Hamilton, Rosalie knew it was time to revisit her passion.

For years, Rosalie struggled to find bras that fit her unique shape - and conventional bra chains were of no help. While in Vancouver, Rosalie found a store that catered to larger-busted girls and she fell in love with the bras there.

When Rosalie moved to Hamilton, she discovered bralettes! She loved the beautifully feminine lace and form-fitting comfort but unfortunately couldn’t find one that fit or supported her shape. So, instead of giving up entirely, she set to work to make her own. Rosalie Wynne Intimates was born.

From there, Rosalie designed and created patterns to fit a wide range of sizes and shapes, all with the aim of not only ensuring the wearer feels beautiful, but also comfortable and confident, whatever their shape.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our bralettes in over 35 different sizes; from cup sizes A to G and band sizes 30 to 38, we’ve got you covered.
We want to say a big thank you to the amazing women who used their talents to help create the beautiful photos on this site.
Creative direction/production: Abigail Ballenger
Photos: Steph Martyniuk
Hair and Make Up: Alyssa Manuel
Florals: Gunnar Floral