Hi there,
I'm Rosalie.

                                                 Thanks for stopping by to hear my story!

Standard bralette sizes failed me.

A few year after I had given birth to my daughter I was trying to find a bralette that fit my new shape. The more bralettes I tried on the more frustrated I became as I seemed to be either spilling out the top, sides, bottom, or (more often) everywhere! Basic sizing wasn’t going to cut it. 

So, I decided to make my own.

Once I perfected the fit and started wearing it, I completely fell in love with my bralette. It was incredibly comfortable and, because it fit my shape so well, it was way more supportive than I had anticipated. After wearing it for a couple days I couldn’t go back to wearing anything else.

Next, I scaled my design to over 40 unique sizes.

I figured I couldn’t be the only one with this experience, so I took my sewing and costume design experience and scaled my design. After much trial and error (and a huge pile of prototypes!) I perfected the design for over 35 different sizes. 

At local markets and pop-ups I asked women for feedback

Armed with these bralettes (and matching undies) I went to local markets and set up in a few local stores to find out how the bralettes fit a variety of different shapes and sizes. I was curious to find out if other women would love these as mich as I did.

The response was incredible.

After trying on their size they fell in love. Most of them (like me) didn’t even know so such a comfortable, functional, and beautiful bra was even a possibility. 

Beautiful bodies don't conform to standard sizing.

When we can’t find something that fits us, it’s easy to start believing that our body is the problem and not the limited range of sizes that we’re offered. With that in mind... 

My mission is:

To empower you to see your body as a perfectly beautiful work of art that deserves to be celebrated.
It’s my hope that you’ll join me in celebrating your shape as you experiencing the joy of wearing something that feels like a second skin.

I Am Me

A celebration of what
makes us unique.

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