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Buying made-to-order lingerie online? Of course you're going to have questions!

Here are some that we hear often, but feel free to ask us if you have a question that you don't see here.

I'm passionate about fit and I want you to experience the joy of wearing pieces that feel like a second skin.

Which is why I've made it easy for you to find your size. Simply enter your measurements into the calculator and it will do the complicated number crunching! 

How do I know what my perfect size is?
What method of bra sizing do you use?
Can I ship my order as a gift?
Do you charge taxes?
Can I pick up my order in Hamilton, Ontario?
Do you make custom pieces?
Can I make an exchange?
Do you accept returns?

Watch the video below for bralette measuring instructions.

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Measuring Tips

  • Make sure your measuring tape stays level front to back. Use a mirror to check the back or ask a friend to help. 
  • If possible wear a bra with no extra padding, but not a sports bra 
  • Bust measurement should be around the widest part of the bust 
  • Underbust measurement should be where your band sits. Make sure the tape is not loose for this measurement.


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